Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Energy

The richest energy source available on Earth in the Sun. Solar energy is imperative for life on Earth, and is the starting point for the success of chemical and biological processes.

On the other hand, the energy coming from the Sun is one of the most environmentally friendly and it has a wide range of uses.

Given the Sun is at 143 millions km from the Earth, only a small fraction of the radiated energy is available. Nevertheless, the energy provided by the Sun for 15 minutes is much more than what we use worldwide for a year.



Solar Thermal Energy results from the use of the solar energy for water heating. This heating through solar energy is used:

  • In single and multi families housing for sanitary purposes and atmosphere heating;
  • For the solar thermal heating of pools;
  • For industrial processes.

Having in mind that in winter the water heated through this process may not be sufficient, it will be necessary to have an additional heating system such as a gas, electrical resistance or biomass boiler or others. In summer, a well designed solar thermal system, may fully satisfy the needs for sanitary hot water (DHW).

The legislation on the energetic efficiency sphere, mentions the obligation of using Solar Thermal Energy in every building.

We develop projects that include two types of Solar Thermal System:

  • Thermosyphon System (small houses and buildings with a reduced consumption of DHW);
  • Forced Circulation System (Medium and High consumption).




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