Electrical Engineering

Engineering projects

  • Electricity (low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage);
  • Energy Management and Monitoring (measurement and record);
  • Technical Management of buildings;
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting (Lighting Engineering);
  • Solar Photovoltaic: power stations;




To develop engineering projects using energetically efficient solutions, equipments and systems, making them economically and environmentally feasible.



  • Design of projects complying with legal and individual requirements for each client;
  • Projects licensing with the responsible entities.

Engineering projects WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT…

  • Assessment of potential and technical-economic survey on the integration of Renewable Energies Systems and Energy Micro-production;
  • Design of execution projects tailored according to each context using the energetic efficiency as a selection criterion for solutions, equipments and systems;
  • Measurement maps and budgets execution;
  • Advising at work, for technical clarification and adjustments needs.



  • Proximity to the client, for a combined and periodical assessment of the solutions that better fit, whether aesthetically, technically or functionally;
  • The permanent contact of the customer with our technicians;
  • Availability to any further clarifications and / or necessary displacements to the customer’s facilities.


The design of performance projects allows a rigid assessment of the costs associated to the implementation on the work.



As a company of engineering advisers, Lutche has technicians acknowledged in the Industry sphere and qualified experts in the Buildings sphere with experience and skills to execute these projects, as well as design the solutions to provide a greater Energetic Efficiency and a better quality of the indoor air of buildings.



Lutche Engineering has cumulative experience in a wide range of areas and sectors, such as:

  • Lighting industry (Indelague, Exporlux);
  • Molds Industry (Duramoldes);
  • Ceramics Industry (Cetipal);
  • Metallo-Mechanic Industry (Automatizadora);
  • Continuous Care Units (Red Cross, Cáritas, Rovisco Pais Hospital);
  • Retirement Homes (S.C.M. Águeda, Retirement Home António Breda e Lea Breda);
  • Schools (Educational Centre of Mortágua, Educational Centre of Lourinhã);
  • Supermarkets;
  • Offices buildings ( E6 – Proleite, LUC MAT – PCI);
  • Hotels (Quinta da Lameira, Quinta dos Bispos).